WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Flat Design, Biggest Change to iOS

June 14, 2013

Apple makes a biggest change to its design of iOS in iOS 7 version release. From the iOS 7 version user will not going to get shining and glossy icons. Apple completely redesign its iOS look. New iOS design is much clear and clean to see, iOS design team make the total design by adopting flat designing techniques. Also every icons of all apps and launchers redesigned to a simple calculated space used design but designers keep the same rounded corner of icons instead of change it to something else.

iOS 7 Home Screen Falt Design

New design of iOS is created for simpler, more useful and more enjoyable user experience. Making good design is to serve satisfied user experience. Calendar got a new fantastic look than ever, new calendar is something feel special. Its design to show surrounding climate on your display screen. Transparency is introduced to iOS in this 7 version. Some special motion and animation effect is used for simplest tasking. Design doesn’t look much clustered, it’s simply clean but sufficient information you will get on your screen.

iOS 7 Design Layers

iOS 7 Features:

On the same event (WWDC 2013) Apple introduced to its new OS X Mavericks which have some great features added to Safari, Calendar, Notifications, Finder Tabs, iBooks, Maps & iCloud Keychain. Some of these features of Safari, Maps, iBooks and iCloud Keychain also included to iOS 7. Apple give some new features to Control Center, Notification Center, Multitasking, Camera, Photos, AirDrop, Safari, iTunes Radio and Siri to iOS 7.

Control Center:

User just a swipe away from most used apps and settings from any apps or home screen. Control Center gives quick access to controls and apps. You can get your Control Center screen by just swiping up from any screen. You can turn on or off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb. Get settings to brightness, Song Play, AirPlay, AirDrop and quick access to flashlight, timer, calculator and camera.

Notification Center:

Notification Center inform you about mails, missed calls, to-dos and more things. Just swipe to down to get access to your notification center. Notification Center can be accessed from any screen, including lock screen. You will get all the notification of today, tomorrow and all time.


Its very smart working feature for any smartphone, you can easily navigate to any apps at any time. Just double click home button to launch Multitasking screen, you can close any apps just by swiping out from Multitasking screen.


Now you will get still, video, square and panorama shooting formats in iOS 7 Camera App. Easily switch from one format to another just by swiping on camera screen. A new instant filters feature is added to Camera which will give you eight different type of filter formats to choose for your photograph.


This new Photos Apps is more clean arranged and ordered, you can see all your photos arranged by year and collection. When you click a photo this app keep it’s clicking date and location, which arrange all your photograph by year and location wise. Using this Apps you will not get to scroll down to see all your photographs. In this Apps all photos of a collection set is placed within a certain space in very small size. Just move your finger over this small size images to find any image as popup to see it. iCloud Photo sharing will share you special moment with your friends over iCloud or other sharing sites.


AirDrop is highly secure to share any type of documents like photos, videos, contacts with other near to you. This is just like Bluetooth sharing but it is more secure and no setup required for it. All the transfers are encrypted, so it is more secure.


New Safari is more clean, bigger and better to browse any website. When you scrolling down your webpage url field will be small and buttons will hidden to give you a bigger screen. Swipe to move back and forward from one webpage to another. A New tab view will show you all the open tabs from top to bottom. iCloud Keychain facility is there to store your passwords and card details in AES 256-encryption. Also iCloud Keychain can help you to generate a password for every new signup.

iTunes Radio:

Now finally radio station is hear in iPhone, this app gona going to play your favorite radio station from your iPhone. Now Radio is only available to U.S, later it will be for other country.


This Siri got a new look, new sound and new capabilities. Redesigned interface of Siri is fade into view to the top of any screen. Very Clear and more natural sound in both female and male voice makes it is easier to understand. It is much faster than previous version to answer any question. It checks more sources like Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter etc. for answer. Extra task is added to Siri are returning calls, playing voicemail, controlling iTunes Radio and more.

App Store:

New Feature of App Store in iOS 7 is that it show a collection of popular apps relevant to your location. A new category is introduced for Kids which is for your children. There is no more notification for application update available on your screen because in iOS 7 App Store automatically update all your apps.

Find My iPhone:

I really love this new feature in Find My iPhone. This is much harder for anyone to use this or sell if your iPhone is lost or stolen. Even your iPhone is erased or Find My iPhone turn off, must need to put your Apple ID and password. Find My iPhone will continue to display a custom message, even your iPhone completely erased. No one can’t reactivate your iPhone without having your Apple ID and Password. So still your iPhone is yours.

A new App will come later 2014 for your car which will work over your iOS Siri.

iOS7 Flat Design Screen
iOS7 Phone Screen
iOS7 Mail Screen
iOS7 Safari Screen
iOS7 Music Screen
iOS7 Messages Screen
iOS7 Calendar Screen
iOS7 Photos Screen
iOS7 Camera Screen
iOS7 Weather Screen
iOS7 Clock Screen
iOS7 Maps Screen
iOS7 Videos Screen
iOS7 Reminders Screen
iOS7 GameCenter Screen
iOS7 Notes Screen
iOS7 Newsstand Screen
iOS7 iTunesStore Screen
iOS7 Stocks Screen
iOS 7 AppsStore Screen
iOS7 Passbook Screen
iOS7 Compass Screen
iOS7 Contacts Screen
iOS7 Calculator Screen
iOS7 Facetime Screen

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