WWDC 2013: The new MacBook Air, Power Saver Notebook

June 14, 2013

As everyone expected, Apple release a new MacBook Air in WWDC 2013. Everyone expected new MacBook Air with retina display, but sorry there is no retina display for MacBook Air. This new MacBook Air comes with full day battery life, newest Intel processor, new 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and faster all-flash storage.

WWDC 2013 new MacBook Air

Now the 11-inch MacBook Air last up to 9 hour and the 13-inch MacBook Air last up to 12 hour. So now you can work unplugged from morning to evening. You can playback iTunes movie on 13-inch up to 10 hour and on 11-inch up to 8 hour.

The newest fourth generation Intel Core processors with Intel HD Graphics 5000 perform ultrafast for editing photos, presentation and web browsing. This new processor architecture designed to use less power, so this new MacBook Air gives extended battery life.

New 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology used to give more Wi-Fi speed to this MacBook Air. This new Wi-Fi technology used to speedup wireless performance up to 3x faster than previous generation. Also 802.11ac gives expanded range to work more freely than ever.

MacBook Air Flash Storage is now up to 45 percent faster than the previous generation. Now every performance and experience is more responsive than ever. MacBook Air wakes up faster than ever for flash storage and latest Intel Core processor.

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