How to Create a Mac OS X Lion USB Stick using Kakewalk

January 11, 2014

Using a third party software create a Mac OS X Lion USB Stick to install Mac on other non brand computers. Kakewalk solution will help you to create a USB Stick. This Software is freely available, so download Kakewalk for hackintosh.

Requirement for making Mac OS X Lion USB Stick

  1. Kakewalk
  2. Lion installer- The operating system (Mac OSX Lion v10.7) can be downloaded for as little as USD 29.99 (approx Rs 1,400) from the Mac App Store (Mac required). Download this 3.5 GB DMG file.
  3. USB Stick- A minimum 5GB USB Stick is required. This USB will be formatted and loaded with Bootloader and Lion installer files.
  4. A Macintosh- This is needed because of Kakewalk is required Mac OS for installation and This will help to to create USB Stick.

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Create Mac OS X Lion USB Stick using Kakewalk

  1. Download Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.
  2. Start the Kakewalk application supplied with the zip archive you downloaded.
  3. Next, click Create install disk
  4. Click Browse and locate your Lion application (this can also be a DMG image file). Make sure you choose the correct destination of USB stick. Then select Create button.
  5. The Kakewalk will do the necessary work in background, it involves formatting USB, mounting Lion DMG image and copying the installer and packages to USB Stick. And the USB Stick will be renamed as ‘Kakewalk’.
  6. After the process is complete, the utility will ask you to start Kakewalk installation. Proceed to next screen it will ask you for motherboard model number. The exact version is preferable, make sure that Internet connection is available as Kakewalk will need to download the necessary drivers from its repository. If your motherboard is not listed then choose the closest match. Carefully Select USB Stick, renamed as ‘Kakewalk’. Click on ‘Start Installation’. After confirmation you can eject the USB stick.

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