Some Mac OS X Startup Tricks & Shortcuts

January 11, 2014

Here is some startup shortcuts which will be helpful for your better experience on Mac and make you learn about tricks on startup of Mac. If you don’t have any Mac device then you can try Mac OS X on any non-brand PC, and this will helpful for your user experience

OS X safe boot- Press and hold SHIFT during startup

Force OS X startup- Press and hold X during startup

Choose startup disk before booting- Press and hold OPTION during starup

Start up from a CD or DVD- Press and hold C during startup

Startup in Firewire Target Disk mode- Press and hold T during startup

Bypass primary startup volume and to choose a different startup volume- Press and hold CMD + OPT + SHIFT + DELETE during startup

Eject CD on boot- Press and hold the mouse button once you push the power button

Startup in single-user mode (command line)- Press and hold CMD + S during startup

Start up in Verbose mode- Press and hold CMD + V during startup

Sleep immediately without confirmation- CMD + OPT + EJECT

Restart immediately without confirmation- CMD + CTRL + EJECT

Shutdown immediately without confirmation- CMD + OPT + CTRL + EJECT

Show dialog with Restart, Sleep and Shutdown options- CTRL + EJECT

Put display to sleep- CTRL + SHIFT + EJECT

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