What We Can Do with Spotlight in Mac OS X

January 11, 2014

Mac OS X is easy to use operating system in this world, there are few tricks and tips on it. Spotlight of Mac can do many thing except Searching files. It is most used feature of the Mac and it rest on the right top right corner of the home screen. A magnifying glass showing the Spotlight. Launch it by pressing COMMAND + SPACE BAR.

Search in Spotlight

Write the word or phrase in text box for searching, if you are looking for a exact phrase then place this phrase in between quotation(“”). Also you can search using meta data. You can see the meta data of file or folder in Get Info window, you can add your own meta data in “Spotlight Comments”.

Spotlight on Mac OS X

Search the files by name, author or kind

If you know the exact name of the file then search by filename


If you know the author name of file for what you are looking for then search


If you know the kind of the file for what you are searching then search by


There are many more type of file through which you can search a file. Type of file are JPEG, movies, email, PDF, images, word, powerpoint, QuickTime etc.

You can know any Definition of any word by searching this in spotlight.

Calculate using Spotlight

You can use Spotlight as a calculator, for square root a number use


For Power operation use


For example try this one:- 50*50/100+20 (result should be 45)

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