Rumors Become Truth in Apple 10 September Event

September 11, 2013

1. Next Generation iPhone Name

Before any reveal of iPhone, first debate is on its name. 7th generation iPhone name rumored as iPhone 5S instead of iPhone 6. Also another budget iPhone name rumored as iPhone 5C, this new iPhone is a rumor more than its name.

This time Apple reveal two iPhone – iPhone 5C & iPhone 5S

2. Larger Display

New iPhone could come with a 6 inched display instead of 4.8 inch. According to leaked images of iPhone it is rumored that iPhone will have a bigger display.

Sorry, iPhone doesn’t come with bigger display. Its same as previous display size.

3. Faster Processor

Every new iPhone’s processor will be more powerful than its predecessor. Every major change to iPhone must be with an updated processor. Many sources talked about a faster processor with battery power enhancement.

iPhone 5S build with A7 generation processor & a new coprocessor M7.

4. Golden Casing

Image of rumored new iPhone will be available in a champagne/gold color. This is the fist color lineup after black & white color model.

iPhone 5S Golden

Yes its true that a new gold color model revealed and black color model changed to space grey.

5. Fingerprint Scan

Rumored that new iPhone will introduced with a fingerprint scanner. Leaked photos show internal components near to home button for a scanning technology.

iPhone 5S Touchid Fingerprint

Wowwww!!! iPhone security is in high sky level. First time a mobile phone come with fingerprint scanning technology for security locking.

6. Budget iPhone 5C

Apple will launch a low budget iPhone name iPhone 5C with the new iPhone 5S. As Samsung lead market of smartphone with google’s android, so Apple set to reveal a budget iPhone to compete with lower budget iPhone. This new budget phone will have plastic casing to reduce it manufacturing cost.

Budget iPhone 5C

Budget iPhone 5C

Finally Apple reveal its low budget iPhone, iPhone 5C just for $99 with 2 year contract.

7. Multi Color Casing

As it is rumored that iPhone 5S will come with a new gold color model. Also leaked image rumored that iPhone 5C will come in various variant colors (blue, green, yellow, pink & white).

iPhone 5C Case

Yes new iPhone 5C comes with 5 color casing, and 7 color phone cover just for $39.

8. Shipping with iOS 7

In previous Apple event new iOS 7 is introduced and before this September 10 event many beta version released which let us think that may this time new iPhone will come with latest iOS 7.

ios 7 with iphone

Yes its true, iOS 7 will available for free from September 18 and also new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will ship with iOS 7.

9. No iPads

No, this time new iPad or iPad mini is not coming.

Yes, its confirmed that no iPad for this time.

10. Apple iWatch

Just before this apple event Samsung launch its watch which forced to believe that in 10 September event Apple may introduce its iWatch as rumored.

Sorry, iWatch is not coming.

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