iPhone 5S Apple Event

Rumors Become Truth in Apple 10 September Event

1. Next Generation iPhone Name Before any reveal of iPhone, first debate is on its name. 7th generation iPhone name rumored as iPhone 5S instead of iPhone 6. Also another budget iPhone name rumored as iPhone 5C, this new iPhone is a rumor more than its name. This time Apple reveal two iPhone – iPhone […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Compare iPhone

Top 8 Smartphones from Different Brands

All mentioned smartphone are really fantastic and fabulous gadgets, if we rate each smartphone then there will be only few decimal point difference. In this Top 8 Smartphone list you can see 3 Samsung brand smartphone. Really now-a-days Samsung brand is one of the tough contender for other brand in smartphone market. You can see […]

WWDC 2013 Macbook Air MacBook

WWDC 2013: The new MacBook Air, Power Saver Notebook

As everyone expected, Apple release a new MacBook Air in WWDC 2013. Everyone expected new MacBook Air with retina display, but sorry there is no retina display for MacBook Air. This new MacBook Air comes with full day battery life, newest Intel processor, new 802.11ac Wi-Fi support and faster all-flash storage. Now the 11-inch MacBook […]

iOS7 Flat Design Screen iOS

WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Flat Design, Biggest Change to iOS

Apple makes a biggest change to its design of iOS in iOS 7 version release. From the iOS 7 version user will not going to get shining and glossy icons. Apple completely redesign its iOS look. New iOS design is much clear and clean to see, iOS design team make the total design by adopting […]

WWDC 2013 OS X Mavericks MacOS

WWDC 2013: OS X Mavericks (10.9), World’s Most Advanced Operating System

This WWDC Apple comes with both new OS for its Mobile Device and Macs. New iOS named with extended version number where OS X 10.9 named as Mavericks (I really don’t know meaning of it), it doesn’t named like Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion. Whatever it is about its name, but Mavericks have some interesting […]